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I decided to discontinue Virtual Viewer. This app (and you as a user) would deserve a complete rewrite and I just don’t have time to work on it anymore. I removed it from Play Store. Thanks for all supporters!


View information about your VMware vCenter, your ESX/i (compatible with the 3.5/4.x/5 versions) or your VMware Server (version 2).

View the inventory, VM details (like OS, tools status, notes, …), alarms, sessions, general details, recent tasks, storage infos (eg free space) and even answer virtual machine questions. The app is ad-free, working with Android 2.3+ (and tested with up to Android 4.4) and features are added regularly.

  • FAQ
    Frequently asked questions

Current features

  • supports vCenter 4, ESX, ESXi and VMware Server 2
  • support for ESXi 5 (vCenter 5 currently untested)
  • show virtual machines and templates
  • show basic info of VMs (OS details, usage, tools status, …)
  • show VM attributes
  • show host information, like detailed version
  • show hosts and clusters
  • show storage infos
  • show recent tasks
  • show active alarms with state and description
  • show active sessions on the host
  • answer VM questions
  • create / revert / remove snapshots

Virtual Viewer Power Addon Features

  • Power on, power off, reset or suspend VMs!
  • Shutdown and reboot VM guest OS!


Current version: 1.47

You can download Virtual Viewer and the addon through Android market. Virtual Viewer itself is and will always be free.

Get it on Google Play

Since March 2012 it is also available via Blackberry App world but only for Playbooks with OS version 2 (since June 2014 also for BB10). Only the full edition is available (which includes the power addon).


This app does not collect any information about the user, logins, hosts, … . The user is able (but don’t have) to save host profiles. This information is saved on the phone and not sent anywhere. This information can be deleted by the user anytime via the app itself or via the operating system.

Contact / Support

Please write a mail to software (AT) if you have any problems, suggestions, feedback or just want so say hello (english / german).


Donate / Help

If you don’t like Paypal or to donate you may also buy the Virtual Viewer Power Addon or the Virtual Viewer Snapshot Addon as well to support me.

You can help and motivate me by donating for this project. Developing for VMware products is not very easy for me as I don’t own any of them (I have access for them via my company which is not affliated with this project in any way, so I have to stay at work in my free time, unpayed):

If you have donated I will, if you like, put your name or company on this page in a sponsors section or something.

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