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Snackbar 0.6.1

A few days ago v0.6.1 was released. It improves the handling of landscape mode and restructures the game menue. Important for me was also the integration of in-app purchases, specifically you can now disable ads by buying an in-app purchase via the game menue. It still has some rough edges (eg you have to restart the app after purchasing) but this has been on my list since the beginning. I will try to improve the flow in the next versions.

Snackbar 0.6.0

About 3 years after the last release we published 0.6.0 yesterday.

In the background we had to struggle with the new development environment, in 3 years Google changed a lot how to develop for Android.

For the user, here is the changelog:

  • bugfix: round points in achievements dialog (to avoid endless floating numbers), fixes #36
  • improved shop dialog, fixes #9 (optimized layout, long press possible)
  • bugfix: made everything non-selectable which prevents some nasty effects on Android
  • upgrade toastr js library to latest version and use minifed version (save about 10k)
  • make achievements notification clickable and link to achievements dialog, fixes #12
  • notifications at the bottom, fixes #13 (was already fixed?)
  • optimized handling of landscape format
  • Android: first step towards fullscreen


For the 0.6.x series I want to smoothen some raw edges, make it more appealing for first-time users (eg UI, improved Intro, maybe a small tutorial, ..) but also implement new features (to be defined, but I have a few good(?) ideas).

New blog

This is the new appearance of, still work in progress. I will move my software projects here to have a dedicated home and blog about new software related stuff.